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Activities for 2015

WW 1. Source gathering and methodology building

Source gathering 

Organizing the repository of sources 

WW 2. Data entry, integration, standardization and storage

Extracting information from the original sources and the literal transcription in the first component of HDPT

The supervision and verification of the data-entry and data processing activities 

Preparing and constructing the anthroponymic and toponymic catalogues 

Starting the computerised record linkage

WW 3. Dissemination and promotion

Promotion of the project within the academia (Iasi, Timisoara)

Publishing papers in international journals and taking part at international scientific events

WW 4. Scientific and administrative management of the project

Coordination and supervision of the research activities.

 Constant monitorization and evaluation of the project implementation.

Estimated Deliverables – 2015

120,000 images gathered from the Archives

140,000 images of archival documents organized in the source repository

170,000 individuals in the database

Starting the linkage process for the first micro-zone

Starting the process of building the toponimic and and onomastic catalogue (for the standardization procedure)

A methodological article published in a BDI journal

Project presentation and public lectures at the Universities of Timişoara and Iasi

Milestones 2015

Month 8 – the evaluation of the project at one year from the start, check of activities chart, analyse and revision of the Management Plan, if necessary.

Month 13 – Analysing the evolution of data entry, the training and first results on linkage.

Month 20 – Analyzing the gathering of the primary sources in relation to the general evolution of the project. Making decisions about further directions of work.

Analysing the first component of the database (the sources), the onomastic and toponomastic catalogues and the evolution of linkage.


Dissemination results after 18 months of project implementation

Project presentations (2014 – 2015)

  1. Gunnar Thorvaldsen, New Population Databases under Construction at First Conference of European Society of Historical Demography, Alghero, Sardinia, 22 September 2014.
  2. Gunnar Thorvalden, Transylvania, the Urals, Norway – The expansion of Population Database EHPS Network, SSHA, Toronto, Canada, November 2014.
  3. Vlad Popovici, Ioan Bolovan, Luminița Dumănescu, Historical Population Database of Transylvania, intermediary results after 6 months of implementation – Cluj-Napoca, 16 Decembre 2015
  4. Luminița Dumănescu, De la registrul parohial la baza de date. Historical Population Database of Transylvania sau provocările contemporane în demografia istorică. Universitatea București, Institutul de Istorie Socială, 20 Aprilie 2015.
  5. Luminița Dumănescu, Historical Population Database of Transylvania – inovatie si standarde occidentale in cercetarea romaneasca de istorie socială, Universitatea de Vest, Timisoara, November 12th 2015
  6. Vlad Popovici, Angela Lumezeanu, Bazele de date privind populația istorică. Oportunități de cercetare și colaborare în mediul științific românesc, Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iași, November 19th 2015

Conferences (2015)

  1. Luminița Dumanescu, Provocări contemporane în demografia istorică – bazele de date și studiile de populație, Chișinău, Republica Moldova, 24 -25 March 2015
  2. Luminița Dumănescu, Challenges and Expectations. Running the HPDT project,  ”Religious Communities and Demography in Church records: Statistical analysis”, International Seminar, Ekaterinburg, Russia, 17-21 June 2015
  3. Censuses between population statistics and politics:
  4. The Romanians from Transylvania and Hungary (1869-1910)
  5. Ioan Bolovan, Marius Eppel, The Parish Registers as sources for the Historical Population Database of Transylvania at ”Religious Communities and Demography in Church records: Statistical analysis”, International Seminar, Ekaterinburg, Russia, 17-21 June 2015.
  6. Raluca Botoș, Daniela Mârza, Vlad Popovici, Censuses between population statistics and politics: the Romanians from Transylvania and Hungary (1869-1910), CHAM Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 15-18 July 2015
  7. Ioan Bolovan, Illegitimacy in Transylvania before World war I, 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences, Jinan, China, 23-29 August, 2015
  8. Ana-Victoria Sima, The Church and the Phenomenon of Illegitimacy in Transylvania during World War I, 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences, Jinan, China, 23-29 August, 2015
  9. Marius Eppel, State intervention in the control of Midwifes, 19th and 20th Centuries, 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences, Jinan, China, 23-29 August, 2015
  10. Raluca Botoș, Căsătoria și recăsătoria în satele romanești de pe Valea Gurghiului. Studiu de caz localitatea Orșova (județul Mureș) 1850-1914, Conferinta Nationala a studentilor si doctoranzilor, istorie, arheologie, muzeologie. Alba Iulia, 12-13 noiembrie 2015

Workshops organized in the project (2015)

  1. Historical Population Database of Transylvania, Challenges and Expectations. Workshop organized within the EHPS-Net Summer School of Historical Demography, Cluj-Napoca, 30 – 31 May 2015
  2. The standardization and linkage process, Cluj-Napoca, 21-26 October 2015 (participants from Norway and Russia)
  3. How to build a coherent database? 12-15 November (scientific and technical support for the colleagues from Croatioan Institute of History, promoters of the project ”Military Life and Warrior Images in Croatian Borderlands from the 16th Century until 1918”)

Articles (2015)

  1. Luminița Dumănescu, ”Provocări contemporane în demografia istorică – bazele de date și studiile de populație”, Anuarul Institutului de Istorie al Academiei de Științe al Republicii Moldova, 2015 (forthcoming)
  1. Bogdan Crăciun, Crinela Holom, Vlad Popovici, ”Historical Population Database of Transylvania: Methodology Emplyed in the Selection of settlemens and micro zones of interest”, in Romanian Journal of Population Studies, 2015, vol. IX. No. 2, pp. 17 – 30.

HPDT  – tool for educational process

  1. Raluca Botoș, Reconstituirea relatiilor de rudenie. Studierea relatiilor dintre parinti- copii si frati vitregi pe Valea Gurghiului. (1850-1914)
  2. Ciprian Porumb Ghiurco, Masteral Disertation, Family Reconstitution
  3. Vlad Tivadar, Masteral Disertation, Family Reconstitution
  4. Adrian Sabou, Masteral Disertation, Family Reconstitution

Session proposal

Conference: European Social Science History Conference, Valencia, 30 March-2 April, Valencia, Spain.

Network: Family and Demography

Panel: Eastern Infant Mortality: Religion, Ethnicity, Location

Organizers: Luminița Dumănescu, Gunnar Thorvalsen

Chair: Anders Brändström

Discussant: Ólöf Garðarsdóttir

Participants (Papers)

Gunnar Thorvaldsen, Hilde L. Sommerseth, Once Upon a Time in the East? Spatial Distribution of Infant Mortality in the North East of Norway in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century

Iulia Borovik, Elena Glavatskaya, Infant Mortality in Late 19th to Early 20th Century Ekaterinburg

Grazyna Liczbinska, Infant Mortality in the Catholic and Lutheran Populations from Historical Poland

Luminița Dumănescu, Mihaela Hărăguș, Daniela Mârza, New Data on Infant Mortality in Transylvania in the 19th Century based on the HPDT






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