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According to the working plan, we run the following activities in 2014:

Source situation analysis

Developing the methodology for circumscribing the target micro-areas –  completed

Identifing the localities and target areas – completed

Establishing the best architectural frame for the source database – completed

Gathering the sources – in progress

Managing the training activities – in progress

Promotion of the project  - in society and within the academia – in progress (three scientific events organised till the end of October)

16 December: HPDT Progress Workshop – Cluj-Napoca, Casa Universitarilor, 1 pm.

The main results consist in: the completion of database building

32.000 images included in the repository of sources until November 3rd;

update December 3rd – 43.000 images in the repository

update December 18th – 4.125 recordings in HPDT

- 15.842 individuals

The first version of comparative catalogue of sources  - for the internal use, completed


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