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Join the best team of historical demography! Be a volunteer, and the time spent with us will be recognized as work experience, according to law (Law 78/2014 on the regulation of volunteering in Romania). What will you do? You will insert information from parish registers in the first database of the population of Transylvania. How long? You decide, we prefer part-time (4 hours/day). What do you get? Experience, integration in a dynamic and stimulating team, contact with the research environment, resources for your own research.
How do you know if you fit the required profile? If you are a student, MA student, doctoral or post-doctoral student in History or Sociology, and you like to work, look for us! Where? At the Centre for Population Studies, 68 Avram Iancu st., 3rd floor, phone number 0264599613; or send us an e-mail at


More than 20 volunteers are currently involved in HPDT activities! As a public acknowledgement of their contribution to the project outcomes they will be granted with certificates on December 16th, during the progress workshop event!

Our volunteers                                    Our colaborators

Anghel Alexandra                               Gábor Ádám
Gozman Bogdan                                Bolea Emilian Nicolae
Benzar Gheorghe                               Zsolt Grigoruț
Grigoriu Diana                                    
Briscu Bogdan
Jalbă Elena
Coroian Izabela Georgiana
Carmen Marincus
Csapai Cristina
Meseșan Dacian
Cutu Daian
Pop Floarea
Ilie Roxana
Poșircă Sofia
Florescu Mădălina
Rusu Cătălin
Toderici Melania
Stroe Alexandra Denisa
Trifan Andreea
Zoldi Alin

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