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Editorial event: Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux, Ioan Bolovan and Sølvi Sogner (eds): A Global History of Historical Demography. Half a Century of Interdisciplinarity, Peter Lang, 2016

poza11This volume summarizes the stage reached by research in historical demography worldwide, after half of century of activity.


  • Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux, Ioan Bolovan and Sølvi Sogner: A Global History of Historical Demography. Time for an Anthology
  • Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux: Historical Demography and International Network Developments (1928–2010)
  • Dennis D. Cordell, Elizabeth Omoluabi and Nancy Stiegler: Historical Demography on Sub-Saharan Africa (1975−2010)
  • Hernán Otero: Historical Demography in Argentina
  • Rebecca Kippen and David Lucas: Sources for an Australian Interdisciplinary Historical Demography
  • Peter Teibenbacher and Gudrun Exner: A Short History of Historical Demography in Austria. From a Population Issue to Special Scientific Discipline
  • Dalia Leinarte, Andrejs Plakans and Toivo U. Raun: Historical Demography in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
  • Isabelle Devos and Christa Matthys: A History of Historical Demography in Belgium
  • Béatrice Craig: Historical Demography in Canada
  • Zhongwei Zhao: The Development of Chinese Historical Demography since 1950
  • Ludmila Fialova and Eduard Maur: Historical Demography in the Czech Republic
  • Hans Chr. Johansen: Historical Demography in Denmark
  • Peter Kitson: A History of the Historical Demography of England and Wales
  • Beatrice Moring: Historical Demography in Finland 1960−2010
  • Isabelle Séguy: The French School of Historical Demography (1950−2000): Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Rolf Gehrmann: Historical Demography in Germany
  • Violetta Hionidou: Historical Demography of Greek Populations
  • Tamás Faragó: Historical Demography in Hungary: A History of Research
  • Olof Gardarsdottir: Historical Demography in Iceland, 1970–2011
  • Ravindran Gopinath: Indian Historical Demography
  • Christopher M. Kennedy: History of Historical Demography in Ireland
  • Lucia Pozzi and Eugenio Sonnino: A History of Historical Demography in Italy
  • Akira Hayami: Historical Demography in Japan: Achievements and Problems
  • Kuentae Kim: Family Demography in Traditional Chosŏn Korea: Survival Strategies of Families
  • Maria Luiza Marcilio: Historical Demography in Latin America: An Assessment
  • Agustin Grajales Porras: Mexican Historical Demography
  • Theo Engelen and Ad van der Woude: Historical Demography in the Netherlands
  • Sølvi Sogner: Historical Demography in Norway 1960−2010 – Cezary Kuklo: Polish Historical Demography. Past, Present, Future
  • Maria Norberta Amorim and Paulo Teodoro de Matos: Historical Demography in Portugal (1950−2012)
  • Ioan Bolovan: Half a Century of Historical Demography in Romania (1960−2010)
  • Irina Troitskaia and Alexandre Avdeev: Historical Demography in Russia
  • Michael Anderson: Population History in Scotland:Opportunities Under-explored
  • Pavol Tišliar and Ján Golian: Historical Demography in Slovakia in the Last Fifty Years
  • Ofelia Rey Castelao: Historical Demography in Spain (1960−2011)
  • Lars-Göran Tedebrand: Historical Demography in Sweden and its International Visibility
  • Anne-Lise Head-König: From Statistics and Political Economy to Historical Demography. Two and a Half Centuries of Population Research in Switzerland
  • Emily R. Merchant and J. David Hacker: Historical Demography in United States
  • Index

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